Benefits of Coaching

My mission is to empower people to live vibrantly by tapping into their body’s innate wisdom.  

Ayurveda and Yoga teach us how to listen to our body’s signals and give specific guidance in achieving optimal health. It sounds like a simple plan – tap into your own natural rhythms – yet as with most things in life, simple doesn’t always mean easy. That’s where coaching comes in.

What my clients
say about me

“I've been feeling such an overwhelming weight on my chest with all that is happening in the world today. It was so nice to connect with you and the energy of others [in the Live Stream Yoga Nidra Class]. Even though it was virtual, I could really feel the connections and it was very healing. I was able to reconnect to my body and release the pressure from my chest. Thank you for bringing us all together and reminding us of the importance of self care. You have a true gift! Many Blessings."
"Under Catie’s guidance, I have found clarity on many different levels. At first, I was reluctant because I didn’t understand how Ayurveda could help me, but after our first consult, I felt like I could see my health from a totally different perspective. It is like opening a door I didn’t know existed. Catie listens with her heart and guides with her deep knowledge of Ayurvedic healing. I’m am still on this journey but very grateful to have Catie as my guide."
“I have been using Catie’s scrub on my heels and it is making a huge difference, love it!”
Berkeley, CA
“I completely agree about the scrub! I tried it on my thumb, which was all dry and rough. The scrub made all of that go away, and it felt pretty gentle when I applied it, and now my thumb is all smooth and soft. Wonderful stuff!"
Berkeley, CA

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